So, I wonder if you did the same thing that I did when I couldn't log onto Facebook and Instagram earlier today?

First thing I did was panic, oh my gosh, was I just hacked? Are all the unsavory things that I have in my messenger about to be made public? Then I tried to change my password, but after doing all that, I still couldn't get into the social media site.

From that point, I went to X (formerly known as twitter) to see if there was an issue and sure enough, Facebook and Instagram are down.

So, now that the world's most popular social media site is down, what are we supposed to do with ourselves? Especially those of us who are stuck at work.

Well, I have a few ideas of things you can do in Western New York to keep yourself occupied when Facebook goes down.

5 Things To Do In Buffalo When Facebook Goes Down

Since we're not preoccupied with social media anymore, there are quite a few things you can do in the 716 to keep yourself busy; here are just a few ideas I came up with

Go Hang At Canalside

It's a beautiful late winter/early spring day in downtown Buffalo, why not go check out the waterfront at Canalside.

Walk / Shop In The Walden Galleria Mall

Remember when we all used to flock to the mall to get our steps in or do some retail therapy? Well, now seems like the perfect time to rekindle that activity.

Grab Some Lunch With Some Friends

When was the last time that you actually spent some time with friends having a great lunch? There are tons of local restaurants all over the 716 that would love to see you today.

Check Out The Buffalo History Museum

This is one of my favorite places to visit in Buffalo when I have some free time to roam. There is so much to learn about Buffalo, I guarantee you won't be disapointed.

Actually, Do Some Work

Without Facebook or Instagram, we could actually do some work while at work, but who really wants to do that anyway?

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