Not every kid wants to be Josh Allen when they grow up - and that’s okay!

This time of year, parents are pulling out their shared calendars and juggling their child’s crazy schedule of activities they’ll be participating in throughout the school year. 

But what if your child isn’t interested in playing team sports? Maybe they’ve tried it before and hated it, maybe they’ve played for years and are just tired of it, or perhaps they just don’t have the athletic gene - it can be challenging for kids not to feel left out and excluded.

Just because your kid doesn’t like or want to play sports doesn’t mean they should sit home in front of the TV or on their tablet every day after school.

Here are six unique and fun after-school activities to keep kids who don’t like sports to dive into this school year.


Horseback Riding

Is your child an animal lover? Horseback riding lessons will get them out into the fresh air while learning how to care for and prepare horses for riding. Some studies have also shown that horseback riding can be great for things like anxiety by releasing serotonin into the brain. 


For kids who love to be in the spotlight, an acting class could be the perfect outlet for them. Places like the Alleyway Theatre will give your child an opportunity to connect with other children with a passion for performing while honing their skills on stage. 

Martial Arts

Karate, Tai Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, and more - the Buffalo area offers many martial arts classes for kids and teens that aim at keeping them active, building self-confidence, and learning self-defense. 


Flips! Twists! Tumbling! The Acro Dance Academy in Lockport or The Bird's Nest Buffalo offers classes for kids of all ages and skill levels to keep them active and flying high. It looks so fun! 

Art Classes

For your child that’s more on the artistic side, several classes are offered all over Buffalo this fall in drawing, painting, sculpting, and more. Buffalo Arts Studio is a great place to start, with courses for kids and even a Jump Start program for teens heading to college. 

Online Tutorials

For tech-savvy kids and teens, an online course could be a great way to keep them occupied after school while learning a fun new skill. Organizations like the Be A Maker club have online tutorials in lego-building, inventing, and even 3-D printing! 

Even if your child isn't a future professional athlete, they can still find something fun and fulfilling to do with their time right here in Buffalo.

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