After the Buffalo Bills traded Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans, many Bills fans were left wondering what this means about the team’s championship aspirations. After all, it isn’t often that a team trades away their best wide receiver when the team is planning on competing. 

How have the sportsbooks responded to this move? 

Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds Stand At +1300

Apparently, the oddsmakers aren’t panicking about Buffalo’s chances to compete. The Bills currently sit at +1300 odds to win the Super Bowl, which is good for fifth-best in the NFL and third-best in the AFC. 

Current 2025 Super Bowl Odds

  1. San Francisco 49ers: +500
  2. Kansas City Chiefs: +650
  3. Baltimore Ravens: +900
  4. Detroit Lions: +1100
  5. Buffalo Bills: +1300
  6. Cincinnati Bengals: +1400
  7. Dallas Cowboys: +1600
  8. Philadelphia Eagles: +1600
  9. Houston Texans: +1800
  10. Miami Dolphins: +2000
  11. Green Bay Packers: +2200
  12. New York Jets: +2500
  13. Atlanta Falcons: +3000
  14. Los Angeles Chargers: +3000
  15. Cleveland Browns: +3500
  16. Jacksonville Jaguars: +3500
  17. Los Angeles Rams: +3500
  18. Chicago Bears: +4000
  19. Minnesota Vikings: +4000
  20. Indianapolis Colts: +6000
  21. Pittsburgh Steelers: +6000
  22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +6000
  23. Las Vegas Raiders: +7500
  24. Seattle Seahawks: +7500
  25. Arizona Cardinals: +10000
  26. New Orleans Saints: +10000
  27. Denver Broncos: +15000
  28. New England Patriots: +15000
  29. New York Giants: +15000
  30. Tennessee Titans: +15000
  31. Washington Commanders: +15000 
  32. Carolina Panthers: +25000

Buffalo Has Best Super Bowl Odds In AFC East

The New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins each have a right to be in the conversation for the top of the AFC East this year, as well as to be considered teams possible of a deep playoff run.

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Miami has a high-flying offense with the most speed in the game, and the Jets have made big moves in an attempt to surround Aaron Rodgers with the weapons and protection he needs to make a run at things. 

If the Bills are going to contend, Beane likely won’t be done in the wide receiver market, whether via trade or in the draft.

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