Being the spouse of a professional athlete can be hard at times. One day you are living in a city and your kids are in school and then a phone call comes.

That phone call means that your spouse has been traded and now you only have days if not hours to get to a new city. That city could be thousands of miles away or it could be a city you have never been to or even heard of.

The good news is that sometimes that phone call means you are going "home". That is exactly what the wife of the latest Buffalo Bills Dean Marlowe expressed on social media after learning that her husband was going back to Buffalo. Marlowe played with the Buffalo Bills from 2017 until 2020.

Between 2020 and 2022, Marlowe played in Detriot and Atlanta.

At the trade deadline on Tuesday, The Bills traded a 7th-round draft pick in 2023 to the Falcons for Marlowe.

His wife was more than ecstatic to return to Western New York.

Up next for the Bills is a trip to New Jersey to take on the Jets.

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