This is going to be the perfect weekend to get out of the house and see all the amazing colors in nature.

As the weather starts getting really colder and the leaves are starting to turn, driving along the roads in New York State becomes magical.

One of the best parts of living in New York is the four to six weeks of autumn that we get here and the brilliant red, orange, and yellow colors we get on the leaves. It is like driving through a Norman Rockwell painting.

If you have been waiting to hit the road and see some amazing colors, this might be your weekend.

So what if you don't want to drive to the Adirondacks to see those amazing colors? Check out this Fall Foliage map to see when the leaves will be in peak peeking conditions near you.

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According to the website, this past weekend was a big weekend for leaves starting to turn. Many places saw or will see anywhere from 10% to 50% color change in the leaves.

You can see the color report for your area by clicking HERE.

The Fall Foilage season starts at the end of September and runs until the middle of November each year.

New York Fall Foliage Map 2022

Timing is everything if you want to do some leaf peeping. This is what you can expect in New York State and the entire Northeast for Fall 2022.

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