There is some good news and, not do good, news that should serve as as wake up call for everyone who drives in the Buffalo and Western New York area.

The summer is marching on and all across New York State we are getting ready for the busy month of July. As we plan picnics and road trips, there is a new and scary report that has been released.

We are so blessed to have so many incredible things to do in New York State. From boating, to hiking and all of the family fun activities, summertime in The Empire State is like no other.

But don't get too caught up in the excitement of the summer and lose focus on safety. New York State has released a staggering number of auto accident related deaths.

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As July begins, multiple sources and reports are sharing the results of the recent accident reports. Motor vehicle fatalities in New York are up to the highest level in a decade.

In a recent post on "X", formerly known as Twitter, the New York State Comptroller has announced the staggering results.

The report showed that car accident related deaths went up statewide 25.8% from 2019 to 2022.

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The good news, if there is any, is that the Western New York area showed some of the lowest amount of fatalities per Capita in New York State at 8.2.

In the report from New York State, it was also noted that, "Regionally, the North Country had the highest per capita fatality rate in 2022 at 12.9 per 100,000 people, while New York City was the lowest at 2.9 per 100,000 people, likely because it has a large number of residents who do not own vehicles".

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