The big green visitor that visited Highmark Stadium last Sunday night has found a new home here in Western New York. 

When a large iguana was found by a Sunday Night Football crew member, they were shocked and surprised. After taking some time to warm up the poor, freezing creature - who had accidentally hitched a ride with them all the way from Florida - they called the Erie County SPCA, who took the big fella into their care.

After making sure the scared guy was medically sound, they named it the best name ever - Stefon Digguana - and took good care of him while began the search for his new forever home.

Stefon Digguana’s new owner needed to have a lot of experience working with reptiles because Stefon is so young and not used to being handled by humans. Where could they find someone with those qualifications in Buffalo?

Enter Jeff Musial to the rescue. Jeff is an animal expert who has showcased several exotic animals throughout the years on TV shows such as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Today Show, Steve Harvey, and more. Jeff is also the owner of Nickel City Reptiles and Exotics in Buffalo.

And now, Jeff is also the proud new owner of Buffalo’s most beloved reptile, Stefon Digguana.

They look like a match made in heaven!

We hope he likes it here in Buffalo as much as the rest of us and won’t miss his hometown of Miami too much. I’m sure he can get down there for a visit one day.

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