It's been a lot of work for the administrators and residents of Iroquois Central School District to change their school's mascot.  But they've finally got a logo to show for it.

Iroquois School District now has a "Red Hawk" as its mascot

It was just three months ago when the district finally decided on a new mascot.  They were prompted to change from the "Chiefs" in 2022 following a memorandum that was issued by New York State entitled "Use of Native American Mascots." In it, they mention that the State Education Department was trying to ensure that all district mascots, team names, and logos are non-discriminatory.

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The process involved multiple steps

Unfortunately changing a mascot for a school district doesn't just mean someone comes up with an idea for one and then they have a new name the next day.  This process involved people submitting solutions, then the public voting on it.  Then they narrowed the field down and they voted again from the smaller group of names.

Once they had agreed on a new mascot, a new logo needed to be created.

That's where we are today.

The new logo has been unveiled

The school will officially adopt the new mascot this fall when kids return back to school.  By then the new logo will replace the old "Chiefs" one

The logo is what you'd expect.  It's a picture of a fierce looking red hawk.  Under the hawk is the name "Iroquois" in white block letters surrounded by a deep blue banner.  Directly below the name is the word "Red Hawks," also in white, but surrounded by a red banner.
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Iroquois isn't the only school to change their mascot

Iroquois isn't alone in their search for a new mascot.  Other schools who have changed over the past couple of years include Lancaster (Legends), Tonawanda (Timberwolves), Cheektowaga (Chargers), Jamestown (The Red & Green), and Chautauqua Lake Central School (Eagles).

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