The Buffalo Bills' franchise quarterback is known for his quirky sense of humor, and he showed us why once again.

Buffalo Bills Social Media

The Buffalo Bills' social media team is always throwing odd, interesting, and funny videos together of players and pop culture. Some people think it's weird. Some hilarious. Others just don't get it. What's definitely true is they grab attention in positive ways. They speak to younger people well and entertain the masses regularly. They do a great job.

Bills Hoping on Trends

Something they do very well is jump on trends and make funny content out of it. For example, there is a new "Legend of Zelda" game out, and it's been taking the world by storm. People have been playing the Nintendo Switch game for hours and creating really interesting things in the game. So, naturally, the Bills jumped on the trend. Check it out:

We don't think that contraption will get far in real life unless maybe Josh Allen throws it. Speaking of Josh and social media...

Josh Allen's Latest Strange but Hilarious Video From Buffalo Bills

Someone from the social media team approached Josh Allen with a basketball and challenge for if he made a shot with it, but that's not exactly what happened. Instead, Josh went beast mode on the ball. It'sd extremely random and from left field. It's also pretty typical randomness from Josh and the Bills' social team. It's oddly hilarious. Check it out.

Why? We have no idea. The overwhelming reaction to it, though, is it's hilarious and we agree. Josh is a funny guy who loves doing odd and random things for a laugh. It's what Buffalo loves about their quarterback. Well, that and playing like the elite quarterback that he is.

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