The Buffalo Bills players are with family and friends, enjoying their bye week on a Sunday that they usually are suiting up to play.

The Bills are 5-1 and atop the AFC standings, after their 24-20 win over the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday.

That win allows the Bills to hold the tiebreaker over the Chiefs, which basically equates to a one and a half-game lead over Kansas City, which is a big step in the Bills quest to have the AFC playoffs come through Highmark Stadium in January.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen made incredible plays last Sunday in the win, but the last throw of the game from Josh was his best.

He threw a touchdown pass to tight end Dawson Knox in the far left end of the end zone, which gave the Bills the lead and eventually won the game.

What we didn't realize is why Josh was pointing. He didn't point to where Knox went, it was actually the opposite.

Allen was pointing for Knox to run inside, because there was nobody in the middle of the field. Allen explained in a film breakdown that the Chiefs had two guys over the top left corner and Allen wanted Knox to break away from his scheduled route to run inside.

Instead, Knox ran the route the way it was designed and Allen threw a pass barely over the underneath defender and perfectly placed to Knox for the touchdown.

I love how Josh knew what the Chiefs were running immediately and wanted Knox to ignore his route, but still had enough talent to just make the throw into that window, anyway.

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