After a few incidents at various High School sports games over the last year or so, the Buffalo Board of Education voted at their most recent school board meeting to bolster the security screening technology that's available in City school sports facilities.

The last year saw a few different incidents at local high school football games where fights broke out, causing the games to either be stopped or for teams to have to forfeit future games as a result of those situations. While this isn't just a city school problem, as several suburban schools also have had incidents of violence break out at their games, BPS officials are taking steps to make things a little safer for kids and adults.

According to a report by WIVB News Channel 4, the Buffalo Public Schools are allocating more than $500,000 to outfit Buffalo's All High Stadium, Riverside Stadium, and some other school locations as needed with advanced security and weapons detectors.

Due to an increase of serious incidents in the community that have directly impacted our schools, the Security Department requires updated equipment with sophisticated capacity to scan students for items that pose a danger prior to their entering district facilities. This updated capacity will increase protection while lessening the time currently dedicated to security screening.

-Marianne Dixon, Buffalo Public Schools Director of School Leadership

School officials had tested the new scanners early in the high school football season and they received some positive results. The new scanners will be provided by Ink Labs, the same company that provides devices for Highmark Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills. These same devices are in use at various locations around the country and are set to be installed within the next few weeks.

This was just one of several items that were discussed at the school board meeting. You can watch the whole meeting below.

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