Winter may not seem like the best time to buy a home, but if you’re in the market for an upgrade, you could benefit from shopping for your dream home during the last few months of the year. 

TIME magazine recently took a look at their data from home buyers over the years, and they found out that “you might get a better deal buying a home in November (the month with the best deals), October and December, or January.”  

So it’s never a bad time to keep a look out for those extraordinary homes you have dreamed of living in. 

While you can probably score a cheaper price on houses during the winter, it may not be a significant drop in price. For houses that already have a price tag of a million dollars, it may be a challenge to talk the seller into a closing bid that would actually be manageable for a typical New York resident. 

But a girl can dream, right?

Currently on Zillow, there are five $1 million homes on the market in New York, ranging from $1,089,000 - $1,725,000. 

Take a look at these five houses and see which one is your favorite. 

$1 Million For This Beautiful Home In Brooklyn

Located at 649 Bay Ridge Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY, this single family home has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, with 1,720 sqft and a dishwasher, washer, and dryer on the property.

See the beautiful home below.

For Sale: 3-Bedroom Duplex For Over $1 Million

A semi-detached 1 family brick house has 3 bedrooms with a completely furnished basement. There is a one car garage with a shared driveway at 1164 77th St, Brooklyn, NY 11228. With Anderson windows, granite steps, and beautiful railing, you can own this home for $1,250,000.

See the beautiful home below.

Nearly $2 Million For New York Home With A Chef’s Kitchen

Located at 132 91st St, Brooklyn, NY, this property is a great choice for you — especially if you are seeking a modern, spacious, and comfortable home in the heart of Bayridge. It’s recently renovated, with an open layout and an abundance of natural light that create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the living room and dining room.

For $1,750,000, it could be yours! Check out the house below.

Gallery Credit: Zillow

$1.5 Million For New York Home With 5 Bedrooms

Located at 552 48th St, Brooklyn, NY in the heart of the vibrant neighborhood of Sunset Park, this is a historical landmarked 2-family brownstone. This home is charming and it has so much potential, with a large kitchen, backyard access, a formal dining room, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and more.

See the beautiful home below.

Gallery Credit: Zillow

This House In Staten Island Has The Ultimate Luxury Bedroom

This house, located at 25 Tarring St, Staten Island, NY, is an absolute bargain for what you’re getting. The price tag may seem high, at $1,248,888 according to Zillow, but the house is in highly sought after Oakwood Heights. It’s a 4-bed, 4-bath cozy elegant home with a double-sided front porch that takes you into a striking entry foyer. There is a stunning tile mosaic with closets on both sides, and in the bedroom, you will have a dressing room, a private bath, and a walk-in closet!

You can take an inside look of this elegant home below.

Gallery Credit: Zillow

If it were me and I didn’t have to worry about money, I would be most interested in the Staten Island home for sale. It has a nice porch, beautiful surrounding nature, and great front windows to let that sunshine in. 

However, I doubt that I could cover a $8,224 monthly payment, but maybe you can?

The average monthly mortgage payment in New York is $1,575, according to MoneyGeek. But maybe you could go in with a friend and cut the monthly payment in half?

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