This Halloween you can spend a night in a real haunted home.

Currently, up for rent on Airbnb, you can rent The Enslin House which is located in Troy, New York.

According to legend, The story behind the Ensling House is haunted by nine ghosts including a former gangster named "Legs".  The home was once a supper club that John T. "Legs" Diamond and his gang used to attend. There isn't a full story about how "Legs" died, but if his ghost is in the home, chances something when down in the building.

If you are interested in spending the night, the home rents for $396 per night and can house up to four "living" people. There is no mention of how many ghosts can be in the building.

Besides the chance to see and interact with ghosts, as a visitor you will be able to enjoy the amenities like a nice porch during your stay.

The owners of the Airbnb also offer haunted tours and shows if you like as well.

Now if you don't want to have a spiritual interaction but still want to stay, much of the ghost happenings take place in the basement of the house, so you can still enjoy the home just stay out of the basement.

At the time of this writing, the home was still available to rent on Halloween night, but pretty much booked prior to that. There were lots of openings in the month of November and beyond.

New York Haunted House Up For Rent On AirBnB

This Halloween you can spend a night in a real haunted home.

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