The Buffalo Sabres are trying to turn a corner.  It all begins tonight and they just released a video to get you hyped for it.

It was 2011 when the Buffalo Sabres were last in the NHL Playoffs, and even then they lost in the first round.

Sabres fans have been waiting a very long time to see a change from this organization.  They went out to get a star player and it turned into a disaster.  Even a guy that was dubbed the next savior of the franchise didn't want to be here.

Then they got rid of him.  They traded him away and suddenly it was like a cloud was cleared from in front of the sun.  The team started to see some success.  It was like they were playing with nothing to lose.  They just went out and played hockey.

It's like there's a new feel in that building now.  From a new GM to a new coach and new players, they're ready to turn a corner.  And almost as if they have the same mantra as the Bills this year...all that stuff from the past...they're going to "Burn It All."  It's a new year.

It starts tonight.  The Sabres take the ice again against the Ottawa Senators at 7pm in Key Bank Center.  They'll have a party in the plaza before the game and it has the potential to be electric.  The new season starts tonight with some hungry young players and we can't wait to see it.

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