School is back in session in cities across New York State. From Buffalo to Albany, there are buses rolling and kids walking or riding bikes to their schools. It drives me nuts when I see people driving fast through a school zone. I have little kids going back-to-school this year as well and I never understood why people needed to go so fast near a school. Honestly, an extra 10 seconds is not going to throw off your day that much.

But speeding is not just something that is happening near schools, if you drive, you know that it is common on every road in the state and there are some cities that are trying to make a difference. What was a common speed in cities in The Empire State is being lowered.

Just last month, Governor Hochul signed a new law that allows for the changes in New York.

Governor Kathy Hochul today signed a legislative package to enhance street safety, prevent traffic-related fatalities, and crack down on hit-and-run incidents. Two new laws will allow municipalities to reduce speed limits to 25 miles per hour and increase fines for leaving car crash scenes without reporting them.

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