The Buffalo Bills had a win yesterday they have not had too many of in the last two seasons, and that's a one-point win.

The Bills defeated the Baltimore Ravens 23-20, in a game that saw the Bills fall behind by 17 points in the first half.

The Bills had not won a one-score game in the regular season since 2020 and the fact it came in a dramatic 17-point comeback says a lot about the makeup of this Bills team, especially with the injury troubles they have had.

Stefon Diggs did not have a monster game, but he caught a few crucial passes and was just one of three healthy receivers left for Buffalo towards the end of the game.

Diggs likes to have fun with the crowd sometimes and another example of that came on Sunday, moments after the Bills won.

Just after kicker Tyler Bass won the game for Buffalo 23-20, Diggs turned around and let some Ravens fans have it, after they had been talking smack to him.

Diggs said multiple times, "go *bleeping* home."

I think this is just a player having some fun with the opposing fanbase. Sports have a trash-talk nature about them, and it's cool to see when players dish it right back to the fans when it so calls for -- and seconds after the Bills completed a 17-point comeback win definitely calls for it.

The Bills next play the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday at 1 pm. It will be the second home game for the Bills this regular season and will be the only 1 pm home game in the first two months of the season. In fact, the Bills will only have three home games in the months of September and October, but will play five home games from November through the end of the season.

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