For the last two weeks, the Buffalo Bills have been the golden child of CBS Sports and the broadcasting network's number-one team has been assigned to call the Buffalo games.

But after Sunday's game, Bills Mafia might not want to see any more of Tony Romo. There is one announcer that Bills Mafia hates with a passion. That person would be Cris Collinsworth from NBC sports.

Collinsworth has been a Patrick Mahomes homer for a long time and anytime he calls a Bills game he manages to somehow bring up Mahomes during the broadcast, no matter who the Bills are playing.


The Bills Mafia really turned on Collinsworth when he applauded a dirty play on Josh Allen. Remember this?

Well, it now looks like Tony Romo is getting into the picture as the most hated broadcaster by Bills Mafia.

He seemed to be a hometown broadcaster for the Chiefs in the game on Sunday and even applauded a Chiefs player when he intentionally tripped Allen for a sack. J

ust so you know, tripping is illegal in the NFL, and even after Romo remembered that he still gave props to the Chiefs player.  



For the record, I think Romo is a good announcer for the other 31 NFL teams, but he seemed to be playing favorites in calling the game on Sunday.

So is Romo worst than Collingsworth? Right now he is not, but you just never know.

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