The Buffalo Bills are in an "all-out" type of season, as they want nothing less than a Super Bowl championship come early 2023.

The Bills' biggest move in the off-season was signing star free agent edge rusher, Von Miller.

Miller signed a six-year contract and figures to end his career in Western New York and do something no star player has ever done before in NFL history -- win a Super Bowl with three different franchises.

Miller's also been an early favorite of Bills fans this season and a tradition he now has is catching on with Bills Mafia.

Before every game, Miller wears a special shirt that sports something Bills related and on Sunday before the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Miller was wearing a special-made, Brandon Beane t-shirt.

Bills fans NEED this shirt. Courtesy of Jon Scott from Spectrum News Buffalo.

It says "BBB" in reference to the nickname that Beane has earned over the last few seasons, "Big Baller Beane."

Beane has put together the best roster in the NFL and is arguably the best general manager, not just in the NFL, but in the four major North American sports at the moment.

Miller has sported the likes of Thurman Thomas and Jim Kelly before games this season, so we're no eager what he wears before the Bills play the Kansas City Chiefs next week at Arrowhead Stadium.

Can this Brandon Beane shirt be made available for fans? Asking for a friend.

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