If you take a quick peek at a calendar, you will see that Christmas Day is approaching fast. While it may seem like you still have tons of time to get those gifts ready, especially if you're anything like me and haven't even started your shopping yet, let me tell you that it's not true. It's almost too late because the big day will arrive before you know it.

However, there's no real need to worry yet. One of the great things about living in Western New York is that there are plenty of places all over the 716 and 585 where you can find presents. From small local shops to mega malls, the world is yours when finding somewhere in the Buffalo area to grab the perfect gift.

If you're finally ready to hit the shopping centers around town, and you've already filled up the stockings of those special someones, then I have a few more ideas of things you can get your favorite people:

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A Buffalo Bills / Sabres / Bandits / Bisons / Or Other Sports Team Jersey

We love our sports in the 716. It doesn't matter if someone is an avid fan or not; just about everyone will appreciate a jersey from their favorite Buffalo team, especially considering Buffalo sports are known for doing things that have never been done before. Go ahead and grab a jersey for your favorite team now.

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Gift Card To Your Favorite Coffee House

People from Buffalo love their coffee and also have big opinions about it. So whether it's Spot Coffee, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Dunkin Donuts, or another place, grab them a gift card for their favorite place and join them for a cup while they trash the other places.

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An Alcohol Gift Set

I have heard for most of my life that Buffalo is a drinking city with a hockey/football/lacrosse problem. Well, if that is the life you and your friends live, then get them a gift set from their favorite liquor brand. Many of the gift sets come with decorative drinking glasses and everything.

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I love gifts, but I think I like money even more. So instead of going to a store and getting a card or building someone a team uniform or some wine, just send them some cash.

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We Are Buffalo Deals

If you don't find anything that appeals to you, then maybe you can check out one of the latest We Are Buffalo Deals. There are all sorts of great options to choose from, and you should have no problem facing a good last-minute gift there.

What are some last-minute gift ideas that you can think of?

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