Thanksgiving is one week away!  A lot of people are just now starting to look for fresh turkeys from local farms.  Unfortunately for many of them, you might be too late.

It feels like every year around this time you start to see national stories about how the price of turkey is about to go up and how it's going to be tough to get your hands on one.  It's kind of forcing people to secure their turkeys a little earlier than normal.

If you're starting to look for local turkeys now, you might be too late.

The best part about shopping locally is that you know what you're getting from a local farm.  If you are unsure, it's simple enough just to ask the farmer.  They are normally raised in much more humane conditions and you might find them to be much more flavorful than the ones from a store.  If you get yours from a grocery store, you never know what they've pumped into them.

Here's the only problem...they really do go quickly from local farms.  If you want to get in on buying a fresh, local turkey from a farm here in Western New York, you need to start shopping early.  Many of them are already sold out.

I asked for your suggestions of farms in the area that had some to offer and man did you come through!


You should still try.  It's always worth it to shop locally.  At the very least, save this list for next year and start shopping early.  You might even call them to see if they're taking orders for 2024.

Here are some of the top farms to check with when you're looking for fresh/local turkeys here in Western New York.

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