The Buffalo Bills were dealt another division loss yesterday as they fell to the Jets 20-17, but despite the loss, the Bills are still the team to beat in the AFC.

With the loss, the Bills fell to 6-2 on the season but because of their bye week two weeks ago, the Bills have played one fewer game than all the other AFC East teams.

Due to that one game difference, the Bills winning precentage is .750 while the Jets and Dolpins both have wins over the Bills and six wins on the season, they each have three losses. That extra loss drops the Jets and Dolphins win percentage down to .667 which has the tied for 2nd place in the AFC East.

The Bills have the same record as the Kansas City Chiefs, who had the bye week last week, and becasue the Bills beat the Chiefs earlier this year, the Bills remain in the #1 seed for the AFC playoff run.

According to NBC Sports, here is the current seeding for the AFC playoff picture. (Seven Teams make the playoffs with the #1 seed getting a BYE the 1st week of the playoffs and home field advantage through out the playoffs)

1. Buffalo Bills, 6-2 (AFC East leader)

2. Kansas City Chiefs, 6-2 (AFC West leader)

3. Baltimore Ravens, 5-3 (AFC North leader)

4. Tennessee Titans, 5-3 (AFC South leader)

5. New York Jets, 6-3 (First Wild Card)

6. Miami Dolphins, 6-3 (Second Wild Card)

7. Los Angeles Chargers, 5-3 (Third Wild Card)

So while the Buffalo Bills and Bills Mafia won't be celebrating a Victory Monday today, they are still in the driver's seat when it comes to winning the AFC East and getting the #1 seed for the AFC playoffs.

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