Coming off a record-breaking weekend, many ski and snowboarders are wondering when they will have a chance to hit the slopes.

Besides a brief blast of snow last month, the forecast for snow is far and few for much of New York State.

Looking ahead, according to Accuweather, the next chance for some snow to fall won't happen for a couple of weeks.

The next chance to see snow will be on Friday, November 18th. That day will be on the cooler side with a high of only 43 degrees with a low dropping below freezing to around 29 degrees.

That drop to 29 is where we could see the snow start falling. While plenty of rain is expected throughout the day, that rain could change over to snow in the evening and overnight.

The snow won't last though. That weekend the forecast is calling for cold sunny days. The high is expected to be around 39 on Saturday and 41 on Sunday. Both days are expected to have plenty of sunshine as well, which means any snow that would stick to the ground on Thursday could melt by the weekend.

This year looks like snow will come well past the normal time we see snow. On average the first measurable snow is around November 8th. This year we could be several weeks past that date before we see any measurable snow.

The warm weather could come back to haunt New York later this Winter. With the lakes warmer later in the year, the chance for lake effect snow increases and that means we could see record-breaking snow this winter.

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