Sometimes it's easy to take for granted the incredible skill of Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

If you watch most other NFL games, especially this season, you see some pretty bad football and quarterback play that is less than stellar.

For Bills fans, most weeks we are treated to crazy throws and runs by Allen. We haven't become numb to it exactly, but we see it so much that perhaps we assume this is how it will always be and that's certainly not the case.

This past Sunday, Allen threw for 424 yards and four touchdowns. He could've easily broke the 463 passing yard record set by Drew Bledsoe in 2002 against the Minnesota Vikings, but was pulled early in the 4th quarter for Case Keenum, since the game was already well in hand.

The Bills beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 38-3 and the game-winning touchdown came on the third play of the game.

It was a 98-yard touchdown pass from Allen to wide receiver Gabe Davis. It was an incredible throw to see on television and in the stadium, but the Bills shared the behind the play angle and it's perhaps the video of the year.

Watch it below.

Everyone was reacting to this angle.

That angle puts in into perspective just how hard playing quarterback in the NFL is and Allen making a 98-yard touchdown possible in those circumstances is crazy stuff.

The fact the best quarterback in the NFL plays for the Buffalo Bills is nothing short of amazing.

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