It's always fun to travel, at least for most people.

You get to be in a new environment and have fun with family and friends. Unfortunately, sometimes you run into problems with acccomodations with a motel, hotel or AirBnB.

Bed bugs are one of those problems you never want to deal with when traveling and it can even be a problem at home.

It takes a handful to get rid of them and can not only cause a headache, but result in bites on exposed parts of your body when you sleep. Bed bugs are very good at hiding and only showing themselves when you're sleeping and don't even realize they're biting you.

What towns or cities have the worst bed bug problems?

Orkin regularly ranks the top 50 worst cities in the United States for bed bugs and number one for 2022 was Chicago.

The rankings were tabulated based on the number of bed bug-related treatments that Orkin did during the 2021 calendar year.

Two New York cities also made the top 30 on this list of the worst places in the country for bed bugs.

New York City came in at number three, while Buffalo ranked at number 28.

New York City really isn't a surprise, given the fact it's the largest city in the country and has an abundance of downtown buildings, where bed bugs can be a nuisance.

Buffalo may be a surprise just because of how high it is on the list, coming inside the top 30. Buffalo, New York ranked ahead of cities such as Nashville, Miami, Tampa, Houston and Seattle

We will have to wait and see what movement happens for 2023's list and whether or not another New York city cracks the top 50.

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