In the spirit of what the Buffalo Bills represent in the community, Jordan Poyer continues rising and performing acts of kindness and acting as a role model to even the youngest of fans.

Today the Buffalo Bills Instagram account posted a “Soundbite of the Week,” segment which featured Jordan Poyer speaking at a press conference about an act of kindness he performed this week, which received thousands of reactions immediately. The caption states: “Bigger than football,” which the Bills prove to us every day.

According to a post from Matt Parrino, earlier this week, the Bills safety surprised a local sixth grader, Logan Neri, at East Aurora Middle School after the student penned Poyer a letter about being bullied for living in a trailer park.

Immediately after receiving the letter, Poyer leaped into action. Giving the school less than an hour of notice, he drove there to visit Neri after Bills practice.

Poyer met with Neri after swim class, and talked with him for half an hour and even gave him a jersey and tickets for a Bills game.

“The platform that I’ve been able to grow, it’s really given me an opportunity to do that kind of stuff, to be a positive light in young kids’ lives,” Poyer said in the conference.

With the position that the Bills are in with the standings leading the AFC, Bills fans were already energized, but Poyer just added an emotional layer to that.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
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One fan reacted to the post saying, “That’s a Blessing Brother big dubs tomorrow Let’s Go Buffalo.”

Another fan commented, “THX for giving a kid the most precious treasure that is – a lasting memory.”

This fan comment encapsulates the entire Bills Mafia feeling – “And that’s what Buffalo is all about. When people look at me like “How do you love Buffalo, when you’re from Chicago?” Moments like these are my response.”

The Buffalo Bills will play at home vs. the New York Jets tomorrow at 1 p.m., for which we all hope will be a top runner for retaliation win of the season.

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