Wide receiver has been a hot topic this draft season for all of Bills Mafia, and a pair of interviews by Brandon Beane and Josh Allen are only adding to the discussion.

Holding pick 28 in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, it’s possible the Bills will be square in the middle of a wide receiver run. It’s also possible they’ll miss it altogether, pushing another blue-chip prospect down the board to them at a position of need. But what did Beane and Allen have to say about the wide receivers in this class?

Brandon Beane Speaks To Draft Process At The Wide Receiver Position

Meeting with the Pat McAfee Show live during the team meetings, it was jokingly brought up to Beane that it’s all but a lock that the Bills will be selecting a wide receiver at 28th overall. Here’s what Beane had to say on the matter.

“First off, we’re taking a receiver every round,” Beane said jokingly.

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Beane’s comments regarding valuing different position groups were quite telling. He alluded to Buffalo’s scouting department having their board put together with values, and was quite clear that, if a player of similar value in a position group that isn’t as deep as this year’s wide receiver class is on the board, that they would likely go that direction. There are a couple positions of need for Buffalo that would fit this conversation, namely at edge and at safety.

Josh Allen Lists Off Top Wide Receivers In The 2024 NFL Draft

Sitting down with Kyle Allen and Jordan Palmer for a recording of The QB Room, Allen was asked about the wide receivers in this class. After asking if he’s allowed to like the guys that probably won’t be there, he proceeded to list off a pretty comprehensive list of wide receiver prospects. After listing the big three of Marvin Harrison Jr., Rome Odunze, and Malik Nabers, he listed Brian Thomas Jr, Adonai Mitchell, Keon Coleman, Troy Franklin, Xavier Worthy, and Xavier Legette.

It’s a strong list that’s generally in-line with consensus, in some order. What it does include is a lot of wide receivers that possess good size and speed and could operate on the outside of the offense.

Palmer went on to ask Allen what it’s like getting a new wide receiver up to speed in the offense, and how a rookie wide receiver could earn the trust of Allen in must-have situations.

Allen responded by saying that it’s about getting comfortable, and that it’s important for the quarterback and the wide receiver to see eye-to-eye.

“Sitting down and talking with whoever we bring in, making sure we’re on the same page. You can talk about the X’s and O’s all you want, but if the quarterback and receiver aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, then it doesn’t matter if he’s at the right depth. You [have to] make sure body language is speaking to us, that you’re giving me your eyes when you want the ball, I’m putting it on a certain spot in certain routes – little things like that that take a while to produce.”

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Beane and Allen’s comments certainly indicate that wide receiver is a priority at some point during this draft. Whoever it is that they add into the receiver room, it will be a process of acclimating that rookie to the Bills system, to Allen, and to the NFL.

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