The Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins played what could have been the most brutal game we’ve seen in a while.

The 90 degree heat and 100 heat index caused a number of players on both sides, especially the Bills. The Bills ended up losing a heartbreaker by a score of 21-19 in a game that saw the Bills out gain the Dolphins by 200 yards and had over 40 minutes in time of possession.

Dawson Knox, Isaiah McKenzie and Stefon Diggs were just some of the players who had cramping during the game and right tackle Spencer Brown left the game with a heat illness.

The Bills got a safety after Dolphins punter Thomas Morstead punted the ball off his own blocker, which allowed the Bills to get the ball with 1:20 left and no timeouts left on their own side of the field.

The last play resulted in Bills wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie catching a pass from Josh Allen at midfield and attempting to race to the sideline. It appears McKenzie realizes he wasn’t going to make it and tried to cut upfield. The Bills ran out of time before they could kick a game-winning field goal.

Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey was shown on CBS after the loss tossing down his headset and throwing down his playbooks. He was visibly upset and the video went viral immediately on Twitter.

I personally have no problem with this. Dorsey showed how much he cares about this team and his passion is a welcomed sight from the coaches in this league who don’t show any emotion.

The Bills had an amazing effort but they lost this game as much as Miami won it. Matt Milano dropped a potential pick-six, Dorsey has questionable play-calling on the Bills goal line situation and Allen one-hopped a sure touchdown to McKenzie on the same sequence.

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