We're five days away from the Buffalo Bills home opener.

The Bills host the Tennessee Titans at Highmark Stadium on Monday Night Football. It's the first game of a MNF double-header for ESPN, so the kickoff time will be an hour earlier than normally (7:15 pm).

It's always a fun time for the home opener but considering the fact the Bills destroyed the defending Super Bowl champions to open the NFL season, exceeding expectations, it's safe to say it will be crazy at Highmark Stadium. Add in the fact it's a September prime time game against a non-division rival and it may meet the excitement of January's Wild Card game against New England.

The Bills are 10-point favorites over the Titans, as the Bills defensive line has the edge over the Titans offensive line, and the Bills offense should have their way with thee Titans defense.

If you are going out to the stadium on Monday, the weather may not be ideal.

According to The Weather Channel, there's a 55 percent chance of rain on Monday with thunderstorms for most of the way. The silver lining is the storms should be gone for the night, but would mean tailgaters are dodging potentially heavy rain in the afternoon.

We won't know for sure what the weather will be until this Friday or Saturday, the early forecast isn't looking very promising.

I've never seen a bad weather season like last year. Almost every single home game at Highmark Stadium featured bad weather.

The home opener against the Steelers was overcast with spotty showers. The games against the Texans and Colts were all-day rain games, while it snowed against the Falcons and the Patriots night game was a windstorm. The only good weather game was the Washington Commanders in week 2 of last season.

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