Weddings can get really uncomfortable when certain songs get played.  To avoid it, these songs should always be on the "Do Not Play List."

Wedding season is on!  It's the time of year when you're going to see a ton of weddings popping up on your timeline on Facebook.  If you are the one that is planning the wedding, how involved will you be with the songs that get played?

Should you have a "Do Not Play" List?

As a former wedding DJ who was in the business for over 20 years, I can tell you that a "Do Not Play" list is NOT a bad thing (with exceptions).  There are a lot of DJs who feel like they should be able to play whatever they want to keep the dance floor full.  I disagree with that.

Some songs probably shouldn't get played at your wedding.  If you absolutely hate a song, make sure they know that.  It is your wedding after all.  Put together a "Do Not Play" list...but again, there is an exception to that.

What's the exception to the "Do Not Play" List?

What shouldn't you do when it comes to a "Do Not Play" list?  You shouldn't make it long.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is that it's taking options away that your guests might love.  Some of those songs work to get a party going (or to keep it going).

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The second reason is that it becomes really hard to memorize a long list of songs that you shouldn't play.  If you have 6-10 songs that you absolutely hate and don't want played, that's completely reasonable.  If your list fills up one full sheet of paper that a DJ has to cross-check before every single song he or she plays it might be a bit much.

How many songs should you pick for the DJ to play?

Tons of couples lose their minds trying to come up with songs for their weddings.  They want to make sure that their floor is packed, right?  So they feel the need to pick every single song.

If you have tons of songs that you love then definitely tell your DJ which ones they are.  But don't feel the need to try to pick "big songs" that people will love.  That's what your DJ does. They've probably been doing it for years.

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When you hire your DJ make sure they have the same thoughts on what a wedding should look like as you.  If you've always envisioned your wedding to be more like a dance floor at a club, hire a DJ who does that.  If you've always wanted your entire family to be on the floor the whole night dancing to the songs that you grew up on, then hire a DJ who does that.  Just make sure that you clearly communicate this to the DJ when you hire them.  Then let them do their thing and entertain your guests.

What songs should you never play at your Buffalo wedding?

This one is a subjective list, but there are some that should just be skipped every time.  Some people skip line dance songs.  Some people ask their DJ not to play slow songs at all.

1.  Most songs that have to do with cheating - Probably not the best way to start a wedding based on faithfulness.

2.  Songs with explicit lyrics - Weddings are filled with family.  Grandmas and grandpas are there.  Sometimes there are little kids.  There are almost always clean versions of those songs that you can play.  If your DJ can't find a clean version, then it should either be held off until later in the night, or not played at the wedding at all.

3.  Your divorced parent's first dance song - If your parents have been divorced, your DJ should know what their song was.  And if you are on your second marriage, you might want to let them know what your first dance song was for that one too.

My thoughts

A lot of people try to nix certain songs because they hear them all the time at weddings.  And I get it.  Songs definitely get overplayed at these events.  But remember, some people come to weddings to hear those songs.  They come to dance those dances because they don't get to do them anywhere else.  That is the only place where they can do that stuff.

The same is true for slow dances.  Aside from weddings, where else do people get to slow dance anymore?  No one wants the night to be a snoozer, but 1 slow dance per hour or so not only gives couples a chance to do that, but it also gives the DJ a chance to break up dance sets a little.

But when it all comes down to it, it's YOUR wedding.  You're paying YOUR money to have it your way.  You do what feels right for you and make it your day.

Good luck!

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