There are a lot of things that happen at weddings simply because they've always happened that way.  But now...some of those things can just go away forever.

These traditions are just stupid now.

Ok...maybe "stupid" is a bit much.  Maybe "outdated" or "overdone" would be better words to use there.

I was blessed to be able to DJ weddings in Western New York for over 20 years.  In that amount of time, I've seen a lot of things come and go.  Sadly though, some of the things that could go away are still holding on.

The biggest thing I always tell my brides and grooms is that they should make their wedding their own.  Do whatever will make you happy for that day.  It's YOUR day to celebrate as a couple.  Don't do something because your aunt (who you almost never talk to anyway) on your dad's side would be offended if you didn't do it.  Chances are, they did things the way they wanted them done on their wedding...and if they aren't married yet...then they can do things their way on THEIR big day.  This is a day to celebrate you!

At the same time, if these traditions do make you happy, then go for them!  In my family the only time we could get my grandpa out of his seat was when we did the chicken dance.  That's one of the first things most people say they don't want done at their wedding (and I totally get it...), but if it's going to get your grandpa up and you'll have that memory of him dancing at your wedding and that makes you happy...then go for it!

There are things on this list that you're probably going to do still.  Keep in mind, this is just my opinion.  But I've had my day.  You have the day YOU want to have.


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