A major cold front is set to sweep across Western New York tonight and with that will be a massive drop in our expected high temperature.

Today we are expected to see a high near 70, which is above average for this time of the year, but with this cold front, we could see a drop in the high temperature of nearly 20 degrees.

The projected high for Friday is expected to be around 48 degrees according to weather.com. Along with the projected huge swing in the temperature, we are expected to see rain showers move across the area as well.

The good news is that it looks like the cold and wet weather won't be in Western New York for long. The sun is expected to be in the 716 on Saturday and there will bit of a warm-up. The high is expected to be around 55.

If you plan on heading out to the Bills' game on Sunday, it should be a perfect autumn afternoon. The game time temperature will be around 57 degrees with mostly sunny skies.

It looks like the weather will be on the increase as well. Monday is looking like highs near 60 with a chance of the high reaching into the mid to upper 60 by Tuesday.

In fact, it looks like the month of October is going to be better than average. According to the National Weather Service's long-term outlook, it looks like October will be a bit milder than normal.


The long-term forecast is calling for high temperatures in the upper 60s with lows in the 50s. So you are looking for a jump around 5-10 degrees over normal. As for some places, it looks like you could have Spring-like days.

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