This candy always seems to get a bad rep, but is it really that bad? 

Country music star Carly Pearce recently revealed her favorite (and least favorite) Halloween candy, and she made a rather strong claim that one candy was simply “the worst.”

“The best trick-or-treat candy that you could find are anything Reese‘s, you know,” Pearce said. She also shouted out her honorable mentions, including Hi-Chews and Twizzlers.

But the one candy that she hates is…

Candy corn. 

It is “the worst candy that you could ever have,” according to Pearce. 

Everyone is so quick to turn their back on candy corn or its distant cousin, The Circus Peanut. 

But is that really the way Western New Yorkers feel?

After a quick poll on Facebook, it is clear that there are a handful of candies that Western New York.

Ranked bad to worse, here is the Halloween candy that everyone wishes they could avoid:

  • Jolly Ranchers - 4% of votes. 

  • Licorice - 8%

  • Dots - 8% of votes. 

  • Suckers - 10% of votes. 

  • Almond Joy - 10% of votes.

  • Circus Peanuts - 15% of votes.

  • Candy Corn - 45% of votes.

I guess Western New Yorkers really do hate their candy corn, so maybe avoid handing out these candies for Halloween this year. 

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