Most people tend to travel when it’s a holiday weekend, and with everyone looking to take advantage of Labor Day weekend, the TSA security checkpoint will take longer than it has in a long time.

Speaking from personal experience, I fly a lot. I tend to make it through the security checkpoints in maybe, at most, 10 minutes.

But usually, on those days, more than one person is checking the tickets ahead of the TSA check. 

As of 2:30 pm on Friday, only one person was checking tickets for all ticketed passengers, causing a major line. 


It’s busy and the airport is clearly short staffed, so please have some patience with them as you await to pass through security and make it to your gate. 


By the time I made it through security, about a half hour had passed.

This wait is still nothing compared to one in a major airport, like O’Hare or LaGuardia, but it’s worth sharing this information for anyone traveling out of Buffalo-Niagara today.

However, it’s Friday, and it’s supposed to be busy this entire weekend. 

Hopper estimated that over 12.5 million people will fly in the U.S. on Labor Day weekend, with flights up about 20% from last year. 

The price increase may deter some people from traveling at this time, but it is still expected to be busy. 

Most people can make it to their gate in 25 minutes, but if you try to arrive to the airport with only 25 minutes before boarding time, you may miss your flight.

Safe travels, and have a good Labor Day weekend! May your flights be on time and the waits be short in line.

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