The Buffalo Sabres are three games into their 2022-2023 regular season, with their latest game taking place in Calgary against the Flames on Thursday night at 9:30 pm EST.

The Sabres have the most promising team they have had in years, with the youngest roster in the NHL and arguably the best collection of prospects in the league. The excitement is very real.

Another reason for that excitement is because the Sabres will be wearing four different jerseys this season. The home and away blue and gold jerseys, plus the return of the black and red "goat head" uniforms...and the return of the reverse retro jerseys, which the entire league participates in.

The Sabres have been teasing the new reverse retro jerseys this week and on Thursday morning, they made the announcement and reveal that the goat head will also be incorporated into the reverse retro jersey, with the blue and gold colors.

The Sabres will debut the black and red goat head jerseys in November, with the first game with those uniforms being the night before Thanksgiving against the St. Louis Blues.

Here's the complete looks of all 32 NHL teams reverse retro jerseys this season.

The Sabres have gone with a white alternate the last few times, and decide against bringing back the "Buffaslug" logo, worn between 2006-2010.

I think this is a reasonable and safe pick by the Sabres. I expect both these and the black and red goat heads to sell like hotcakes with Buffalonians.

It took them entirely too long to bring back the goat head look and many Sabres fans in their 20's and 30's are thrilled.

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