October 4th is National Taco Day and it happens to also be a Taco Tuesday so the stars are aligned for you to grab some delicious tacos for lunch or dinner today.

Tacos come in so many different varieties and ways to enjoy them that pretty much everyone and anyone loves a good taco.

Buffalo may be known for its wings and there are pizza places on just about every corner but tacos are a close third in terms of variety and places to get them. From stand-alone Mexican restaurants to longtime local cafes, to fast food places that cater to the drinking crowd on a later Friday night, you will find a wide variety of places that make up the Top 10 places for tacos in Western New York.

So what makes a good taco? It has to start with a fresh tortilla. For me then you add some well-seasoned steak and throw on some cheese with hot sauce and you are in Taco heaven.

Of course, some people prefer fish tacos or beef tacos. People even like veggie tacos, Like I stated before, with so much variety and ways to make a good taco there is one for everyone.

Before you jump to that list, What makes a taco a taco?

For a taco to be classified as a taco it must be made with a fried tortilla that is folded or rolled and stuffed with a mixture. it could be meat, veggies, or cheese. As long as the base of the fried tortilla is there and it is folded up, it is a taco.

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