It's not often that someone or something turns 192 years old, but Buffalo, New York, is celebrating a significant milestone.

On April 20, 1832, the Legislature of the Great State of New York issued a corporate charter that allowed the Village of Buffalo, which was formed in 1813, to become the city of Buffalo officially. For the next 192 years, the Queen City of New York and the Queen City of the Great Lakes have grown into the great place we call home.

Buffalo History Museum
Buffalo History Museum

Even though Buffalo was first settled as a village in 1789 by Captain William Johnston, Joseph "Black Joe" Hodge, Martin Middaugh, and Cornelius Winney, it took 44 years for the Buffalo settlement to become the City of Buffalo.

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Just over a month later, on May 26, 1832, the City of Buffalo elected its very first Common Council, which then selected the very first Mayor, Dr. Ebenezer Johnson. Mayor Dr. Johnson, who moved to Buffalo in the early 1800s to practice medicine, served as a surgeon's mate during the War of 1812. Soon, Dr. Johnson was one of Buffalo's wealthiest citizens before becoming Mayor.

In the more than 200 years that Buffalo has been populated, we have achieved several great feats and birthed several amazing people.

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Buffalo and Western New York has given the world great people like Louise Blanchard Bethune, Robert T. Coles, E. B. Green, Tim Russert, Mark Twain, Benny the Butcher, Lance Diamond, Ani DiFranco, the Goo Goo Dolls, Rick James, Bobby Militello, Joseph Ellicott, William G. Fargo, Henry Wells, Sorrell Booke, Beverly Johnson, Matt Urban, Grover Cleveland, Millard Fillmore, Wild Bill Donovan, Mary Burnett Talbert, and countless others.


Happy Birthday, Buffalo, we wish you many more!

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