It's beginning to look a lot like...Halloween! The calendar says that it is mid-October but that isn't stopping one popular store in Western New York from getting ahead. Way ahead!

Over the weekend, our family was out running a few errands and one of them called for a stop at Home Goods in Orchard Park. Managing the twists and turns of the parking lot at Quaker Crossing is always challenging. But on Saturdays, it feels like you are driving in a video game of some sort.

Home Goods has packed away the witches, skeletons and pumpkin spice and has replaced them with every green and red and jolly! But it is not just the Orchard Park location that is ready for the Holidays.

The hype for Christmas is real and it was all I could do to get my wife and kids out of the store before we passed over Halloween and Thanksgiving all together!

Because I work in radio,m I completely understand the way marketing works and the need to be "first in" or "top of mind" when it comes to making your product or business win the game. I had to remind myself that most people already have their Halloween decorations out and on the porch. Putting Christmas decor on sale now not only gives the retailer a jump on the competition, it helps the consumer who wants to be prepared for the hot decorating trends.

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