This is unbelievable.

Where is the best-decorated house for Christmas in Western New York? It is in Lancaster and there is probably not even a close second. A home in Lancaster is a destination this year for you and the family. Outside, the house has the most Christmas lights than anyone in Western New York (we are pretty sure--wait until you see.)

As Clark Griswold would say: "250 strands composed of 100 lights each". But, think MORE THAN THAT.

We got to catch up with the guy who owns the house and the owner, Tony says that he has been doing this for 19 years in the Stony Brooks neighborhood. Inside, there are 44 Christmas trees and more decorations than some small Christmas shops. On the outside, it is equally impressive.

The home is part of the Stony Brook Legendary Lights, which could be the record when it comes to neighborhood lights. 375 houses participate in the Stony Brook neighborhood and completely deck out their homes in Christmas lights. You have to go check it out this year. The fact that they have that many houses with THAT MANY Christmas lights is pretty cool to see.

Even cooler? The selflessness of all 375 of those neighbors. They have banded together to create an experience for Western New York. In the process, they collect donations when you come into the neighborhood and donate to a different charity each year. Last year they raised over $74,000 for charity in the Buffalo area.

Real Life Griswold House in Lancaster, New York

Part of Stony Brooks Legendary Lights, this house in Lancaster, New York has the most impressive light display in all of Western New York.

This year, Stony Brook Legendary Lights will be donating the funds that they raised to former Buffalo Bills Eric Woods' initiative called the Evan Wood Fund through John R. Oishei Children's Hospital.


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