Once again known Buffalo Bills hater will be filling the television screen as the Buffalo Bills host the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football.

Of course, if you have any Sunday night games or even watch the season opener between Buffalo and the Los Angeles Rams, you know that Cris Collinsworth likes to drool over Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas Chiefs which is very infuriating for us members of the Bills Mafia.

So this Sunday there are some alternatives to just listening to Cris Collinsworth prattle on and on about Mahomes.

1 - Make it into a drinking game. Sure, you might last until the end of the game, but anytime Collinsworth mentions Mahomes take a drink. You might be passed out by the end of the 1st quarter but at least you won't have to listen to Collinsworth anymore.

2- Turn down the volume - Really how much does Collinsworth really bring to the broadcast? So anytime he starts talking, just hit mute and then have a friend or even yourself pretend to do the analyst work yourself. sure you will be biased toward the Bills, but that is what you want anyways.

3- Re-listen to old tapes of Van Miller - The greatest voice of the Buffalo Bills ever had. The Bills of today are playing like the Bills of the 90s, so why not listen to classic Van from the 90s while watching the game on Sunday?

4- Make it a drinking game - No you didn't read that wrong...If there is one thing that Bill Mafia likes just as much as football is a good drink. So this Sunday, anytime Collinsworth talks have a drink and enjoy watching the Bills beat the Packers.

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