The Buffalo Bills are handling the Pittsburgh Steelers to say the least, up 38-3 at the start of the fourth quarter in their week 5 game at Highmark Stadium.

One of the aspects of the game that has been lost is the play of Steelers rookie quarterback, Kenny Pickett.

Pickett has faced an uphill climb all game but has looked very good in the pocket and even though the Steelers lost this game, he definitely has a bright future in the league.

However, Steelers fans were upset when Pickett's former college teammate and captain at the University of Pittsburgh, Damar Hamlin, delivered what appeared to be a late hit on first glance.

Pickett rushed for what would have been a good gain inside Bills territory. Bills second-year safety Damar Hamlin left his feet for the hit when Pickett slid and what ensued was Steelers offensive lineman James Daniels blindsided Hamlin.

A scuffle took place and in the end, the Steelers got two personal fouls called and it ended their drive.

Daniels defending his quarterback is something we would love to see in Buffalo for Josh Allen, but what makes this different is that Hamlin's hit was declared clean and Hamlin was blindsided by Daniels, which is also a dangerous play after the play was dead.

I don't think Hamlin meant to hurt Pickett, since they're friends off the field and former college teammates.

What are your thoughts on the hit and should have Hamlin let up on the play?

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