The Buffalo Bills are currently leading the Tennessee Titans by a score of 17-7 at the start of the second half.

The Bills and Titans have both been called for numerous penalties, which has slowed down the game some, but Stefon Diggs has done well by catching 7 passes for 65 yards and a touchdown.

The mood of Highmark Stadium became extremely somber after starting cornerback Dane Jackson was hit by his own teammate Tremaine Edmunds when attempting to make a tackle on a Titans pass completion.

Edmunds accidentally hit Jackson's head and neck. Jackson had full movement in his extremities but was taken off by ambulance. He was taken to ECMC for X-rays and a CT scan.

In a video that is making the rounds on Twitter, it can be seen that Titans running back Hassan Haskins shoves an injured Jackson out of the way, which causes Bills safety Micah Hyde to immediately push Haskins and point out the fact that Jackson is injured.

I'm sure Haskins did not realize Jackson was injured, but it was certainly a lack of awareness and judgement. Hyde let Haskins know immediately that what he did was not appreciated.

The score of this game ultimately does not matter. What matters is Dane Jackson being okay. It was a moment that make us all realize that this is just a game and the health of these players is what matters most.

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