The Buffalo Bills are the odd-on favorite to win the Super Bowl, but it looks like one of their players is already a champion when it comes to dating.

There has been a rumor on Twitter that the Buffalo Bills tight end Dawson Knox is dating a celebrity.

According to the Tweet, Knox has been linked to Kendall Toole, whom you may know as a Peloton instructor.

Apparently, the Twitter poster said that a friend of there is friends with Toole and that Toole said the two are dating.

Toole was also recently caught on camera at the Bills' home opener against the Tennessee Titans.

Toole has also been in several movies and tv shows in the early 2000s. She was in the TV Show "Frat House Musical" in 2012 as well as the movie "Arcadia"

According to her bio on the Peloton website, Kendall has a background in sports.

background in professional cheerleading, gymnastics, dance and boxing


She is based out of New York City which means it isn't too long of a flight to see home games here in Western New York.

Again, both Dawson and Kendall have not come out publicly about their realtionship, but if you ask me they make a very good looking couple.

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