Happy Holidays! Now that the spooky season has come and gone in what seems to be record time, it is time to look ahead to Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanuka! For millions in New York State, the start of November has also brought us some news we didn't exactly plan on.

A dollar and a dream! You gotta be in it to win it! Just insert the cliche that you used when you bought that Powerball ticket and try again! The spirits and goblin did not seem to help you with any good luck last night as there was no winner AGAIN in the Powerball draw.

What happens next? Break out the holiday decorations and get that ticket for the next drawing that has already climbed to AT LEAST $1.2 BILLION!

This is getting exciting and certainly has drawn the attention of even those who don't typically play the lottery. It reminds me of race day for the Kentucky Derby. The same way many become "experts" overnight about the horses and the odds for that popular race, so many have become know-it-alls about the lottery statistics and odds of winning.

But no matter your thoughts or expertise when it comes to playing Powerball or Mega Millions, it sure would be nice to win some of that cash. Keep in mind, there are some who match just enough numbers to win a couple million.

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