For some families, there are only a few ways to celebrate those who have passed away. Sure there are pictures and memories, but for many, a regular visit to a cemetery is the best way to keep loved ones in their thoughts and prayers.

My mother and father passed at young ages. I miss them like crazy and try to visit their graves as often as I can. Keeping the graveside clean and neat is also a priority for me. It would make me so angry if I knew that someone's dog was peeing on my parent's headstone. Apparently, there are some dog owners who just don't understand how to be respectful?

In Iowa, things have really gotten out of hand. In fact, the dogs in a local cemetery have forced owners and curators to make a new policy.

Dogs are now banned from an Urbandale cemetery after several were seen urinating on burial plots and headstones.

Can you imagine that happening to your loved one's grave or friend's grave? Pure disrespect! Here in Western New York, we are blessed with some incredible and historic cemeteries. Forest Lawn has a very strict policy concerning pets.

Picnicking and lying down on lawns or benches on the grounds are prohibited.
Loitering is prohibited.
Pets are not allowed on the grounds or in the buildings.

I miss my parents so much and now that we have three little guys of our own, I try to take them to visit the cemetery often. We do our best to make sure they understand that other families are also trying to honor those who have passed and we need to respect that as well.

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