Over the years, after spending more and more time in Buffalo proper, my fellow ladies and I have made some keen observations about the guys who live here in Buffalo, New York. 

There are certain, um, quirks shall we say, that every single guy who specifically lives in the Buffalo area has. It’s not a bad thing, we swear! But you have to admit - Buffalo-area men are definitely their own breed. And I guarantee every single one of them has been guilty of possessing these specific Buffalo-man traits. 

Things Every Guy Does In Buffalo, New York

1. Buffalo guys try to start chants everywhere they go. And usually, it works. 

It doesn’t matter if they’re walking down the street, stuck at a traffic light, or browsing the frozen food aisle at Tops. Buffalo guys will yell “Hey-ayyyyyyy-ayyyyyyyy-ayy!!” (Or “LET’S GO BUFFALO!” or “LET’S GO BANDITS!”) with zero shame - and nine times out of ten, they’ll get a response. 

2. Buffalo guys can tell you the exact date of their first Bills game, how old they were, who they were with, where their seats were, and what the final score was. 

Nine times out of ten, it was with your dad, and they lost. 

3. Buffalo guys have group singalongs with the jukebox. 

Yes, we know you love the Tragically Hip. Yes, we know that you know all of the words. It’s adorable. But do you have to sing them so loudly? 

4. Buffalo guys are overly eager to tell you a crazy tailgating story.

Okay - so you jumped through a folding table once? WHILE it was lit on fire?! Sorry, Buffalo guys - like Shania says, “That don’t impress me much.”

5. Buffalo guys have “a guy” for literally everything.

Car making a funny noise? Toilet not flushing right? Water heater busted?  “Don’t worry - I got a guy for that.” 

6. Buffalo guys will go out of their way to tell you where to find the best pizza in Buffalo - and every guy will tell you a different place - confusing you even more. 

There are nine million pizza shops here in Buffalo, and every single Buffalo-area guy thinks their place and their place only is the place to go. 

Of course, everywhere you go, you’ll come upon the occasional bad egg here in Buffalo. Nobody’s perfect, after all. But overall, in my personal experience...

7. Buffalo guys are for the most part genuinely, really, super nice and helpful. 

Now if only we could just get them to stop chanting in the supermarket.

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