The preseason schedule for 2023 has been announced for the Buffalo Bills and tickets have gone on sale!

Do you remember this one? Someone dropped this on Josh Allen on last year in preseason and looked both confused and mad. According to some fans, Josh repeatedly said "not cool".

The Buffalo Bills hosted a scrimmage at Highmark Stadium and tons of fans stayed after practice in hopes to get some gear signed. Josh Allen was jogging into the tunnel to make his way to the locker room when one young fan dropped a football that hit his neck.

You can tell by his body language that he WAS NOT happy after he got hit. The video is posted below. You can hear fans gasping in the video when the football hits Allen. Some fans argue that the football in the box was dropped by accident. Here are some of the comments from fans on Instagram:

Ur not entitled to an autograph dude and throwing sh** at him definitely won’t get u one.


Someone else threw a football at him earlier, he caught it and tossed it back. But was certainly not happy about it as he continued down the sideline of fans.. People need to relax with wanting these guys to sign everything.
It’s going to come to a point where they just come out, practice, stretch , talk to some press and then... Don’t complain when it happens doing stuff like this


he said “that’s not cool x2 and the fan responded by saying “ i’m sorry I didn’t mean it”

I think this comment is the one we can ALL agree on: "Bruh. We only throw things at Brady".

...and we all know what those 'things' are. LOL

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