These 8 costume ideas are off-limits in Western New York.

Halloween is a fun time in Buffalo and Western New York. Like many places in the United States, the streets are filled with kids trick or treating, adults having Halloween parties, and costumes that are everything from horrific to hilarious.

There of course are always costumes that are off-limits in every community, which we won't get into here because those are always obvious. However, every community has specific things you just don't do and that includes Halloween costumes that could be triggering to those living there.

Buffalo is no different. Wearing certain costumes here would get you a good heckling and definitely a trick rather than a treat.

We did an informal survey on Facebook asking WNY'ers what costumes are off-limits in Buffalo. There were many different answers. Some good, some funny, and some trolling from people outside of Buffalo. We were able to come up with 8 costumes however most agreed should be avoided at all costs.

To be clear, this is tongue in cheek...  mostly. Some of these really are inappropriate. Others will get a rise out of people but sometimes that's the point of Halloween, isn't it? Have fun on Halloween, especially with your costume regardless of what it is. Just know that these 8 might get you some unwanted attention.

8 Halloween Costumes You Can't Wear in Buffalo, New York

These 8 costume ideas are off-limits in Western New York.

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