A major street in the City of Buffalo just got a new name, and people are loving it.

It's not every day a major, well-known road in a city gets a new name. Often, when they do, it's for historical or cultural reasons. That makes sense, too. Cities do and should celebrate their icons and significant people. After all, in Buffalo McKinley Parkway isn't a random name. It's named after President McKinley.

Also in Buffalo, street and neighborhood names can suddenly change because of its sports teams. The famous Allentown Has been "renamed" Josh Allen-Town after the Buffalo Bills star Quarterback. This is not actually official, just a fun thing fans living in the neighborhood did to a sign or 2. It's fun! It shows just how excited fans are for the Bills.

The Bills beat the Kansas City Chiefs in a rematch of their heartbreaking g loss in the playoffs last year, and won 24-20. Once again, it was Josh Allen providing the magic the team needed to come from behind and win. He also did this:

How about another angle?

This isn't the first time Josh has hurdled a player on national TV. In fact, it's the 4th time and second time against the chiefs. This picture below was created by a fan and will probably be made into an actual statue someday knowing BIlls Mafia.

The excitement of the win and Josh's heroics lead fans to once again "rename" something in Buffalo. This time, it was Hertel Avenue. Home to the Italian Fest and an upcoming trendy district. The change was a simple one: it's now called HURDLE Avenue:

Again, this isn't an official or permanent thing. It's just fun. Stop by Hertel and Wellington this week and give a "Let's Go Buffalo" honk on your horn.

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After noticing the change to the NFLtwitter page, Bills Mafia jumped on Facebook to talk through the possibility of Josh Allen’s iconic jump becoming the new logo for the sport. 

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