The chances that the Buffalo Bills would go undefeated in the 2022 regular season were slim to none. We all knew there would be a few tough games and tough losses this season and the first came in week 3 in Miami.

The Bills lost to the Dolphins by a score of 21-19, in what was a hard-fought game.

The Bills went into the game with six starters, including their entire starting secondary (minus Taron Johnson) and the entire right side of the offensive line were backups by the second half.

The Bills had multiple chances to take the lead at the end of the game but the clock ran out after wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie failed to get out of bounds after catching a pass in the middle of the field from Josh Allen.

Many Bills fans were upset that McKenzie didn't get out of bounds to stop the clock, so Tyler Bass had a chance at a long field goal attempt. The Bills were out of timeouts.

Initially, I was upset that McKenzie couldn't get out of bounds, but after watching the replay I'm not sure he would have made it...which is why I think McKenzie cuts up field.

It appears the Dolphins defensive back has the angle on McKenzie when he starts running towards the sideline. McKenzie, once he realizes he might not make it, cuts up field for more yardage.

Even if McKenzie could have made it, he cut up field thinking he couldn't and tried to salvage yardage with hopes there was enough time remaining on the clock for a field goal attempt. He definitely did not do what he did because he is trying to pad his stats, which I noticed a few fans saying on social media.

Also, a player must have forward progress to get out of bounds in order for the clock to stop. For instance, a player can't run backwards to get out of bounds. McKenzie caught the ball at the far hashmark, as he is running towards the opposite hashmark. To ask him to make it to the sideline and not have the angle advantage is a very tough ask.

I just don't get why there is so much outrage at him not getting out of bounds. Maybe you can criticize him for thinking he had no chance to make it and then went for more yardage, but he definitely didn't fail to get out of bounds because he wanted more yardage regardless or wasn't aware of the clock situation.

That was not McKenzie's fault.

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