John Mellencamp made a close stop to Western New York on March 16 at the Warner Theatre in Erie, PA.

Our friends at Backstage Axxess were there to give a full review and take these awesome pictures below. From Backstage Axxess:

I thought Mellencamp’s voice still has held up tremendously well after all of these years. His band still sounds tight and with the amount of songs he has, I’m sure he keeps the setlist fresh. Again, the only negative I would say is to decrease the amount of the film clips that is shown to maybe 10 minutes. Fans get turned off and patience wears thin after a certain amount of time. As it did on Saturday night. Otherwise, the show itself I thought was fantastic! -Backstage Axcxess

Check out a few of the pics below, as well as the full review, more pictures, and setlist at

[PICS] John Mellencamp in Erie, PA

Gallery Credit: David "Gus" Griesinger,

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